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Ca' Vendramin di Santa Fosca

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Cannaregio 2400 30121 Venezia (VE) Italy

Area: Cannaregio

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We booked a double standard room for 5 nights, but was not told exaclty what is does and doesnt have. We were told some rooms have a jacuzzi, and we therefore requested a room with one of these. On arrival we were told that firstly, they did not receive the request, and secondly only some suites have jacuzzis! The double room that was allocated was on the ground floor, was VERY dark and small, when we woke up in the morning, we were not sure if it was morning or not, until we saw our watches, as there was no light in the room. The next morning, we decided that we would move to another hotel or change rooms. We had alot of luggage and the thought of travelling with them to another hotel by foot was unimaginable, so we decided to take one of the suites which included a jacuzzi, for an extra 70 euros a night! The breakfast was quite boring, same everyday, continental. We were eaten my moschitos everynight, and on the day we were leaving, we were told that there plugs to keep them away!!! Advice for when we stay there next time!!!! Overall the hotel was comfortable, and would go there again!



We do appreciate your hotel and professionalism and kindness. Many thanks to her.



A couple of small issues with the room but the staff were professional and very helpful, some of the major UK hotel chains could learn from them! An old house of a doge where else would you want to stay in Venice?


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