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Hotel San Fantin

Sestiere San Marco, 1930/A 30124 Venezia (VE) Italy

Area: San Marco

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Book online or call +39 041 8620400

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If you like to live original venetian life,then this hotel is ok.It depends the rooms, there are several with nice view to a channel. and you are in a few minutes on the main tourist places. Brakfast is poor, but typicaly italien. If you need comfort, find something else.



there was sometimes problem with hot water



I would not stay at this hotel again. When we arrived the person who runs this had the door locked so we really weren't sure we were in the right place. She opened the door for us and checked us in. We put our bags in the room and decided to go out for the afternoon. When we left the hotel she requested to have the room key back. She said this was policy. There was not a safe in the room. We did so that we could get back into our room. The room was very basic with no TV or safe. The hotel smelled like moth balls too. Although the pictures on the website are accurate the pictures actually make the hotel look nicer than it really is. The person taking the photos were at an interesting angle. The lady who greeted us and kept our key was not friendly or pleasant.



The location was good but the property had been neglected and health and safety was not a strong point



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