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Hotel Papadopoli – MGallery Collection

Santa Croce, 245 30135 Venezia (VE) Italy

Area: Santa Croce

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Book online or call +39 041 8620400

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Saint Mark Square and other attractions are easily accessible by public water bus.



We enjoyed our stay very much. The lounge was a delightful place for pre dinner drinks & a night-cap. Loved all the little surprise goodies that appeared when we ordered and fatima was a wonderful server. The rooms were very comfortable, but the wifi was really not very user friendly and could be improved upon.



I would of given you EXCELLENT across the board but you charge for breakfast. NO ONE IN EUROPE charges for breakfast.
Great staff, great hotel, close to everything, would stay there again. But Jesus, breakfast is included.



Unfortunately the furniture was already very Ölsd and used and the interiors should be renovated very soon.



The price was to high for the service. The concierge was rude and not friendly or helpful.
We were told the hotel supplied transportation to the pier but they did not.



This was such a pleasant surprise. It was a beautiful room and bathroom with excellent air conditioning. The staff was exceedingly friendly and helpful. We highly recommend this hotel to other travelers, it is SO close to the parking garage so great for travelers with a car. It was a reasonable walk to San Marco Square and located in a nice quiet location. We didn't even need to use the water bus or taxi.



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