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Antica Locanda Al Gambero

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Calle dei Fabbri, 4687 30124 Venezia (VE) Italy

Area: San Marco

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Staff are great
Hotel great Value for Money being in the centre of Rialto
Thank you



The hotel is great and central. Much better than the pictures suggest
Good wifi



I found the Hotel al Gambero pleasant enough, and thought it provided decent value for the money (150 euros). My single room was quite small, but entirely functional. The internet requires logging in every day with a new access code that must be obtained from the front desk, but it worked quite well. The location is excellent, being equal distance to San Marco Square and the Rialto Bridge in a straight line between the two (or as straight a line as can be drawn in Venice!). The restaurant in the ground level of the building (Bistrot de Venise) is gourmet quality and priced accordingly -- if you like that kind of thing then you won't be disappointed. If you're on a budget I highly recommend A la Valigia, which is 50 metres away on Calle dei Fabbri (it rained all week and I would dash over without an umbrella). Nothing on the menu is more than 20 euros, with most items closer to 10 (such as their excellent pizzas for 2). I sampled the Venetian liver in several different restaurants and liked Valigia's best (it was also the least expensive that I tried). It's not fancy but it was consistently good and priced fairly (in a very expensive town).

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