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Il Mercante di Venezia

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Cannaregio 379 30121 Venezia (VE) Italy

Area: Cannaregio

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Se destaca la profesionalidad de la recepcionista de los sabados y domingos, Impecable!!!!!!
Entre los hoteles, podrian poner un tablon de 4m en la entrada de la calle cuando hay inundacion.
Considero que no es un hotel 3 estrellas!



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A quaint and very nice hotel just a few meters from the train station. Very convenient to the water taxis and vaperettos. Small and neat with very friendly staff and a great breakfast - comfortable and clean rooms.



I think that the *tour to murano* described in the website should be more in details, I tought it was the complete tour but it actually just give you an entrance to one factory. The boats to the island you still have to buy.


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