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Venice is not a big city and the best way to visit it is walking through its streets and alleys looking at the beautiful canals and the little bridges. The most cheap way of getting around it using a transportation system is to use the “Vaporetto” (water bus) that it’s an experience that we suggest to do during your stay in Venice. Water taxi is also available, it’s extremely expensive, but very fast and able to drive you everywhere you want providing an alternative view of the city.
The traditional Venetian boat, the Gondola, is hardly the best way to move in the city but is very romantic and it will be an unforgettable experience to do. If you desire to have a taste of it we suggest to try crossing the Canal Grande by a traghetto you won’t regret it!



Tickets can be purchased at the water bus major stops or inside the vehicle paying an extra charge. The most convenient way to move around Venice by vaporetto is to buy a card or a pass with unlimited travels. Moving around this city might seem difficult at the first sight but looking attentively you’ll find that is very easy. Be careful that for each stop water buses go in opposite directions, so we recommend to check attentively the boat signage.

Water Taxi

Water taxi

Water taxi ride is with no doubt an expensive transportation in Venice, but is extremely convenient. It can be arranged by your hotel or bed & breakfast, but you’ll have to make your request in advance at the reception.
You can ask drivers to share the taxi with other guests if you want to pay less. Price are usually very high and we suggest to negotiated always in advance to avoid surprises.

Venice foot

Venice on foot

The best way of getting around Venice is on foot. One of the greatest pleasures in this city is to walk around without worrying about smog and traffic, looking at the many shops and restaurants with no hurry.
In Venice the streets are clearly labeled and you’ll easily find the right direction for the major tourist attractions. Alleys can be very narrow and not well illuminated in the night but there is no danger, Venice is considered a safe city.

Gondola traghetto

Gondola and Traghetto

Probably the non plus ultra of the romantic experiences is a ride in gondola that offers you the possibility to get around little canals inaccessible to other vehicles. The ride’s cost is very high and become higher if you want a singing gondolier. We suggest to confirm the price in advance and be sure to travel only on official gondola whose stands are clearly marked.
The traghetto represents the best alternative to gondola. The ride lasts about two minutes and goes from a point to another of the Canal Grande. The fare is cheap but there are no seats so you’ll have to stand during the crossing.


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