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Events in Venice will help you finding the best Venice events.
The city presents itself as one of the major cultural centres in Italy and doesn’t betray its reputation providing a wide range of special occasions from Biennale to the historical Redentore.

La Sensa

La Sensa - May/June

This festival is one of the most ancient in Venice and celebrates the marriage between the city and the sea. The Doge (nowadays the major) on his official vessel, the Bucintoro, received the bless from the bishop, seals his relationship with sea throwing a gold ring into the lagoon. The festival follows the Ascension Day.

Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale - June/November

The Venice Biennale is a famous International art exhibition founded in 1895. It takes place every two years and represents a special opportunity for artists and dealers and an occasion for visitors and tourists to see high level modern art.


Vogalonga - May/June

The Vongalonga is a spectacular sport event held on Sunday morning between May and June. The race starts about 9 am in San Marco basin, passes through Sant’Erasmo, Burano and Mazzorbo islands and finally arrives in the Canal Grande.
At this event participate individuals and teams from Venice and the rest of Italy. A good place to see the vogalonga is the Cannaregio canal in late morning.

The Redentore

The Redentore - July

The Festa del Redentore is held every year during the third Saturday of July in the St. Mark’s Basin. It is a very popular festival particularly appreciated by locals.
It offers a fabulous firework display that explodes across the sky illuminating the whole lagoon.
The show is really valuable, the nightly view of San Marco square and the many boats waiting in the basin will provide you one of the best memories of a lifetime.

Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival- September

The Venice film Festival takes place in the stunning Palazzo del Cinema in Lido Island and is the oldest one in the world. It is part of Venice Biennale and is held every year in late August. Founded by Giuseppe Volpi in 1932, the festival awards the best film, the best actor and actress.

Regata Storica

Regata Storica - September

The Regata Storica takes place on the Canal Grande and is a parade of typical XVI century-style boats conducted by gondoliers (dressed in traditional costumes) carrying the Doge and the highest ranking officials.
It’s represent a very interesting show of the “Voga alla Veneta” a historical sport practiced in the Venice lagoon over the centuries. The Regata is held every year during the first Sunday of September.

Venice Marathon

Venice Marathon - October

Held in October the Venice Marathon is the most important sport event held in the city. It was organized for the first time 20 years ago as a challenge planned to combine Venice fragility to a big sport deed.
The race starts from Stra, near Padova, continues through the beautiful Riviera del Brenta and finally arrives in Venice over San Marco square, in Riva dei Sette Martiri. The marathon is 42 kilometres long and every year gathers over 6,000 participants.

Madonna della Salute Festival

Madonna della Salute Festival - November

If you are planning your visit in Venice in Autumn you’ll have the possibility to enjoy the Madonna della salute festival held every year on 21th November. This event is very important to Venetian people. In this occasion locals head to Salute church lighting candles to commemorate the end of the 1630 plague. The procession starts from Piazza San Marco arriving at the church through a temporary wooden bridge constructed for the event.

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival - February

Venice carnival is famous all around the world representing an international appointment for many tourists. This event offers plenty of opportunities for fun. Even if you don’t have a costume you’ll easily find little masks to put on your face to create the right atmosphere. Costumes are really fabulous and you can admire all of them just walking through Piazza San Marco. Exclusive dinner parties in costume are held in the most illustrious palaces contributing to the cherish atmosphere of the carnival days.


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