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Nightlife in Venice

Nightlife in Venice is not very various. The city has a strong tradition of classical music and opera and you’ll easily find fine music concerts especially in churches and theatres. Tickets can be bought directly at the churches box office and we suggest to do it in advance.
Young people can head to Campo Santa Margherita or Fondamenta della Misericordia to find trendy and sophisticated pubs.

Venice Clubs

Disco and Clubs

In Venice it is difficult to find discos and clubs. To enjoy some late night entertainment it’s probably better to act like locals and head to Mestre. Buses and trains run through the night and you’ll arrive in about 10 minutes. During summer time we suggest to go to Jesolo or Lido where you can dance until dawn.

Il Muretto
Via Roma Destra, 120, Jesolo Venice 
Tel: +39 0421 371310 -  
Marina Club
Via Roma Destra 120/b - Jesolo Venice 
Tel: +39 0421 370645 -  
spiaggia del faro 1 - Jesolo Venice
Tel: +39 0421 370012 -

Venice Discos


The city is renowned for the beautiful concerts in Venice. I Musici Veneziani, Virtuosi di Venezia and Collegium Ducale are only few examples of the amazing classical musical groups that perform in the city.
The repertoire is the most various ranging from Baroque to twenty century music. We heartily suggest to listen one of these concerts to enjoy very good music and to live an unforgettable experience.
Venice doesn’t offer only classical music concerts, jazz, for example, is performed in several pubs and clubs such as the Bacaro Jazz and the Jazz Club 900.

Venice Theatres

Theatres in Venice

Many tourists enjoy a pleasant Venice theatre show during their stay in the city. You’ll enjoy a great variety of performance from opera to ballet and classical dramas. Please remember to get your tickets in advance for big events since shows in Venice tend to sell out soon. World famous theatre such as Teatro La Fenice, the Malibran and Toniolo offer amazing concerts for your enjoyment.

Teatro La Fenice
Campo S. Fantin 1965 - Venice
Teatro Goldoni
Piazza. San Marco 46/50 - Venice
Teatro Malibran
Corte Del Teatro - Venice

Venice Cinemas


The most important movie event in Venice is the film festival which takes place every year in late August. Otherwise there are few cinemas in the city such as Rossini that offer noncommercial movies and movies playing in original language.

Multisala Giorgione
Sestiere Cannaregio, 4612, Venice
+39 041 5226298
Cinema Astra Multisala
Via Corfù, 9 Venice
+39 041 5265736
Cinema Rossini
S. Marco 3988, Venice
+39 041 5230322


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